Should parents limit the screen time of their teenaged children?

December 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

After the interesting talk we heard in class today about the New York Times article about the digital habits of teenagers and how technology is affecting their lives, I’m very interested to hear your opinions on whether parents can help their children to develop sensible digital habits by limiting screen time.

Have your parents ever done that? If so, how did you feel about it at the time? How do you feel about it in retrospect?

You may want to have another look at the original article, which comes with a lot of extra material (video, audio, images) to entice the digital generation.

§ 3 Responses to Should parents limit the screen time of their teenaged children?

  • Louis says:

    I really think parents should be the authority to show their children the boundaries. Rules and limits are an important part of educating children, especially concerning screen time. Parents should set these boundaries and keep attention that their children respect and obey to them. On the other hand I wouldn’t recommend a too strict operation. It really doesn’t matter if you watch TV for 30 oder 40 minutes. So just be a bit generous and let children be themselves. They could even be really happy if you let them watch a bit more than usual and you’ll see they’ll be more cooperative than being restricted by certain humourless rules.

  • Paul says:

    In my opinion, there should be a limit of screen time if the children are getting worse in school or if they don’t meet their friends anymore. There are some software especially made for parents who don’t want their children to spend their whole day in front of the computer/television/mobile etc. But I think, that’s just necessary if the parents hadn’t been succesful in talking to their kids.

    But I also agree with Louis’ opinion.

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